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What the US media isn't allowed to report about the OK City bombing!

By JP Essene

Editor of 1 Underground

October 30th, 1996
Originally Published by www.WhatsHotIn.com

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What really happened in Oklahoma City on April 19th 1995?

Is Timothy McVeigh a government cover up? A soldier used to explain THE UNEXPLAINABLE?

We have links on this site to the WARNING DOCUMENTS that were faxed to 60 executives in the US Media days before the tragedy occurred!

Documents that WARNED the top execs and talent in the US media, TO EXPECT A BIG BANG on April 19th 1995!

The producer of the Larry King show was WARNED! Most of the publishers of the top newspapers in the US were WARNED! The FAX that warned them even named the TARGET.

The FAX called the FUTURE BIG BANG that was to occur on April 19th 1995 the ALPHA target!

Imagine being ONE of the 60 executives in the US Media that control most of everything the US citizens hear.

You get a FAX the day before the BOMBING that says BIG BANG on 4/19! Target is ALPHA! Wouldn't you have reported it?

ALPHA is the initials of the ALfred P. murrAH building. The FIRST TWO, Middle and LAST TWO initials spell ALPHA!

A simple CODE!

ALFRED even sounds like ALPHA!

That's why the media originally spoke of a WARNING FAX if you remember the initial news reports of the bombing!

This is a link to the ACTUAL WARNING! that was faxed to 60 US media execs THE DAY BEFORE the OK City bombing occurred! It is a document in US Federal Court 96CV 1499. A case where the sender of THE WARNING FAX sued the US government for covering up the fact that he had sent this WARNING to the US media!

He says the OK City bombing was an Act of God (a meteor or comet fragment that imploded near the building) that actually struck where he had warned many in the US media THE DAY BEFORE!

He says the explosion was TO WARN THE US GOVERNMENT and US Media, that NUKE TERRORISM is near!

Several other documents were also faxed days before the explosion in Oklahoma City occurred, to the same 60 executives in the US media that control what the public hears! All the documents were sent by the same person. Check out the link above to the list of 60 who got these WARNING FAXES. Call them up and ask them if they remember the fax.

More links to the other WARNING documents are also in the MEMBERS AREA of our site. Join for FREE at www.1underground.com

Remember the media initially reported they received a FAXED WARNING!

Then they hushed it up!

These same documents were then put into the Federal records of an amazing case in Philadelphia Easter District of Federal Court, months after the Oklahoma City bombing happened! We have a $100,000.00 GUARANTEE the case and documents are authentic! (Editors Note: Case 96CV 1499 is now said to be SEALED NATIONAL SECURITY!)

The same documents then accurately gave the details of another bombing that occurred in the Middle East on the same day of the the year ONE YEAR LATER! On the 109th day!

Is this document the reason that almost no Federal ATF employees were in the Federal building when the Big Bang occurred on April 19th 1995?

Why doesn't the mass media report that this document was sent before the bombing occurred now?

Why have they covered it up!

It's a FACT that even the death count of this tragedy was somehow known and published in Philadelphia ONE month before the tragedy actually occurred in Oklahoma city, by the sender of these WARNING FAXES! We have a link to the actual ad in our MEMBERS AREA, where he put into a major Philadelphia paper the ACTUAL DEATH count in the article! It also gave the date and location of the bombing!

The same man was detained by the US government after the bombing! The name of the person who sent the WARNING FAXES is Sollog!

He has recently appeared on many radio shows to discuss how he knew of the Oklahoma bombing before it happened! We have links to archived shows that you can listen to on the net at bottom of this article in our MEMBERS AREA if you click on the Sollog Link.

He also gave in a federal court record ONE year before TWA 800 exploded, the EXACT details of that event to prove he knows the FUTURE!

So, was the tragedy in Oklahoma even a bombing?

The person who knows the FUTURE and sent the WARNINGS says it wasn't!

He says it was a simple rock, call it a miniature comet or meteor fragment that imploded near the Murrah building.

He says Timothy McVeigh is nothing but a soldier the government is using to hide the TRUTH of what occurred in Oklahoma City!

The man who sent the warning says Timothy McVeigh is part of a government cover up!

He says the claim that a truck explosion did the damage is false!

He WARNED in his case, that a major crater would have appeared if such an explosive device was used.

Wake up America.

Your government is hiding the TRUTH of what happened in Oklahoma City.

What is the TRUTH?

A simple rock from space destroyed the building and a person that says Nuke Terrorism is near WARNED many in the media. And the US Government has covered up THE WARNING!

The man who published the death count of the Oklahoma bombing in a Philadelphia paper ONE MONTH before it happened and who sent the fax warnings to the media, who also put the details of TWA 800 into a federal record ONE YEAR before it happened, says so!

He also says the United States is about to be struck with NUCLEAR TERRORISM and so is Israel!


Nuke Terrorism is near!

Oklahoma went bang when someone WARNED!

TWA 800 went bang as someone WARNED!

Case 96CV 1499 has THE TRUTH!

We have $100,000.00 to GUARANTEE the case and document is real!

JP Essene

Editor of 1 Underground

E Mail J.P. Essene


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One of the most written about people on the Net is the mystic named Sollog who is mentioned in this article.

There are over 100,000 references to Sollog in the archives of www.Deja.com

These are some of the more famous prophetic hits of Sollog

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