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Walt Disney EXPOSED for having HIDDEN PORNO in videos!

Written by J. P. Essene
Editor 1 Under Ground

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Why did Disney rush to RECALL it's recent video release of the film RESCUERS?

Well it has a few hidden frames of a woman exposing her breats and pubic hair in the background of the movie.

It is definitive PROOF of the HIDDEN PORN that is laced throughout Disney's videos for your children.

Look at the middle window. See the breats and pubic hair?

Now here's the close up. PROOF POSITIVE!

If you look at the cover of the Video Little Mermaids, the center column of the castle has a PENIS in it. Click Image for Close Up.

And then there's the Jessica Rabbit spread shot in Roger Rabbit. In full speed her dress is always there, yet in FRAME BY FRAME analysis she flashes it all.

And then a 4 year old noticed this hidden frame in Lion King. The word SEX is spelled out in the stars above the Lion in a hidden frame.

As you can clearly see, HIDDEN PORN is in Little Mermaid, Lion King, Roger Rabbit and The Rescuers.

Oh, my attorney is suing ABC, WABC and Disney since one of their execs LIBELED me to some of my viewers. I made a generous FREE one day membership offer to WABC viewers, when I called into one of their radio shows the other day.

The host of the show, a scumbag named Sean Hannity (my Opinion,) cut me off when he realized that we have the photos of a DISNEY employee named Dr Laura on our site, spreading herself to her boyfriend in one of our articles.

Yes DISNEY owns ABC the commie news show that says AMERICA approves of Clintons actions in their polls, yet my poll of close to 20,000 viewers shows that almost 60% of my viewers want to IMPEACH CLINTON.

Now Dr Laura works for WABC, she is famous for telling her listeners on the air that they are EVIL for doing things like posing NUDE for their boyfriends.

Well in case you haven't heard DR LAURA posed very NUDE and very GRAPHICALLY for her boyfirend when she was MARRIED to someone else a few years back.

DISNEY is EVIL, ABC is BULLSHIT and WABC is a joke.

Make sure you visit www.Disney-Sucks.com

Watch for my upcoming EXPOSE on SATANISM in Walt Disney.

Is Mike Eisner really the Prince of Evil...

J. P. Essene



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