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Hackers bring Net to a halt!

Major sites crippled by Hackers!

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Hackers hit THE NET!

Hackers cripple major sites!

By JP Essene

Editor of

Thee Under Ground



DOS attacks took down most of the webs top sites yesterday and today!

Yahoo was down over 3 hours yesterday.

Amazon, CNN, Ebay and others were hit today.

What's a DOS attack?

It's a Denial Of Service Attack

DOS is an acronym for such an attack.

It's nothing new.

It's as old as the Net.

If you know what you are doing, you can Syn Flood, Smurf or Ping virtually any site to death!

You choke the sites router you want to hit with phony requests.

That way, real requests can't get in.

It's an attack that is done from outside the network that you want to take down.

The programs that Ping, Smurf and FLOOD routers are available all over the net.

You can even write one very easily.

The only thing new in these waves of attacks, is that it was a distributed attack, meaning you use more than one server to attack the router of the site that you want to take out.

We have a article that is a BLUEPRINT for this type of attack on our HOW TO HACK SITE!

In that article about HOW TO HACK THE PENTAGON, it was explained, that by using a string of vunerable servers with low level security, you could run a DISTRIBUTED DOS ATTACK on the Pentagon, so you could theoretically even take out the Pentagon and gain control of the government.

That article was written in 1997.

Such a simple DISTRIBUTED DOS attack was what was used in the recent wave of DOS attacks upon the big boys on the Net.

It's very easy to hack servers used by Universities and even governments that have older machines used for low level information that doesn't require SECURITY.

The Crap that a hacker would never want to go after.

But, by hacking such weakly guarded servers that are found in many Universities and old government projects, a hacker can create a web of machines to do such a distributed DOS attack!

EXACTLY as our HACK GURU explained in our HOW TO HACK section.

If you're a member of THEE UNDER GROUND, just go to our members section and click on HOW TO HACK, then read the article by NATAS SELUR (SATAN RULES backwards)!

It's the article on how you can take out THE PENTAGON!

A DISTRIBUTED DOS ATTACK is explained in detail there, as I MENTIONED already in this article, and remember WE WROTE ABOUT that type of DISTRIBUTED DOS ATTACK years ago!

These DISTRIBUTED DOS ATTACKS are sure to keep occurring, now that some hackers have figured out how to do them.

As long as there are servers on the net with weak security, hackers can run the DOS attack scripts from multiple sites to bring down THE MAJOR SITES anytime they want to.

The way to get around it?

Forget filtering.

You get a GLOBAL DNS setup and have redundant servers around the globe. You domino the servers so that is one is being attacked and is busy, then the Global DNS starts hitting all the other servers you have around the world!

If server A in New York is busy, the Global DNS knows to look for server B in California, if B is busy it looks for server C in Canda, and on and on until it connects to a server that isn't being hit.

Right now, major sites like YAHOO, just keep making their in pipe BIGGER AND BIGGER instead of using regional distributed servers like the solution above.

Their thinking is that they can handle a DOS attack if their pipes are too big to be clogged.

They just found out, NO MATTER HOW BIG the pipe line is, A DISTRUBUTED DOS ATTACK can clog anything Cisco has made to date!

Now if they had that Global DNS setup with like 7 or so regional servers, the Distrubuted DOS attack would have to be run not against one big pipeline but against all Seven servers!

A Distributed DOS attack could still be done, BUT IT WOULD BE REALLY HARDER TO DO against 7 or more servers AT THE SAME TIME in a distributed attack!

Now that I have confused you with techno babble, just remember these attacks are going to be more and more common!

And don't be surprised if they find out YAHOO was taken down by a kid under 14 outside the US...


JP Essene

Editor of Thee Under Ground

E Mail J.P. Essene


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