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Judge Hiller Zobel said TIME SERVED today!

279 days in Jail for the MURDER of 8 month old Matthew Eappen.

A light sentence if SHE DID IT!

This case riveted many in the US and overseas.

It raised questions about child care.

Should Mom's work?

Mine didn't, after her children were born.

She supported my father BEFORE her children were born, since he was in College after serving Seven years in the US army and being overseas for almost the whole duration of WW 2. The GI Bill paid for his education.

A benefit given to many for going to Europe or Asia to kill Gerries and Japs!

After he graduated from college, my mom had 4 kids.

Raising them was HER JOB!

Today, many out of GREED work and let the Louise Woodwards of the world raise their kids. Most don't want to get by on what Husbands earn, so wives go into the work force and kids are neglected.

After all, when you HAVE TO HAVE, 7 color TV's, $150.00 NIKE sneakers and EAT OUT instead of cooking the old fashioned way, you need 2 incomes!

But, I know no one can raise a child like it's mother!

That's what this case said to me!

Louise Woodward was underage and underpaid! These foreign nannies are a status symbol in some communities.

I know, I had a wife from England, who came to the states to be a nanny.

She left the home that bought her over from England, after the husband in her position tried to have sex with her!

No, I mean, after he had sex with her!

She was 18.

She left North Jersey and ran away to the South West.

She ended up working as a stripper.

I met her then and shacked up with her.

I was about 7 years older than her.

I'm 10 years older than my wife today.

She's about to have our son.

She won't return to work.

Her job is to have and raise our kids!

Now, my young nanny wife couldn't have kids back then, and was harassed by authorities when she would reenter the states.

I only married her, so she could keep coming into the US. I knew she wasn't my permanent wife, since I wanted kids.

She went back to the UK on occassion, and then ended up settling in Canada after we divorced. It was time for me to find someone to have kids with!

My 18 year old nanny after 5 years became a 23 year old mystic.

She thought herself to be a white witch.

She was even exorcised by the Church in England for being possessed!

She taught me how to read Tarot cards.

Last time I spoke to her, she was shacked up with an oriental boy and chanting in Canada.

I introduced her to Buddhism out West.

She told me back then to read Revelations.

I told her I had, it was a great work of Fiction!

Now, I work for a guy, that some say is GOD or LUCIFER, due to his ability to GUARANTEE when and where famous people die or when quakes and hurricanes will strike!

I just laugh and report the FACTS!

My boss is known as Sollog.

He's an infamous person, that has appeared on many national talk radio shows for his PROVEN ability to GUARANTEE FUTURE events.

Some direct hits by Sollog :

TWA 800

Diana's Death

Clinton's Knee Injury.

Many have asked me what Sollog says about Louise.

After all, he GUARANTEED in a major Philly news paper after OJ was arrested, that OJ was GUILTY and would not be convicted. He proved to 100% accurate in that case!

He named in that article, dates and locations where earthquakes would occur, to PROVE OJ is GUILTY! They then happened!

So, I asked Sollog about Louise Woodward, he said to look at her name and the connections to other religious names in this SACRIFICE!

He explained Louise is connected to LOUIS E FER as in LUCIFER!

Matthew the first book of the New Testament, is the name of the SACRIFICE to LUCIFER! That is the baby's name.

WOOD WARD the name of LOUISEFER, the reference to WOOD or the CROSS!

DRAW your own conclusions.

The prosecutor was named Leone, Louise was from Elton England, the Judge was Hiller Zobel.

El is the ancient Hebrew name of God in the Old Testament.

It has a habit of popping up in major news stories.

El is in Louise's hometown of Elton. Interestingly Elton is Not Le or Not El or Not GOD backwards. My British nanny wife was known as LEE!

El appears in both names of the Judge, hilLEr zobEL, and in the name of the lead prosecutor LEone. ONE is said to be the name of God in the Old and New Testament.

LE ONE, or EL ONE....

Did anyone learn anything by this LESSON....

It showed me another example of how the US justice system is broken.

Louise Woodward is GUILTY, the system is broken, so it has her conviction overturned and reduced to 279 days!

Little Matthew is DEAD!

Louise most likely did it!

Eye for an Eye or Tooth for Tooth!

That's JUSTICE according to EL!

But then, this is America.

A Christian country.

They don't follow the Old Testment in the US.

If they did, they wouldn't have an ADULTER as President.

Oh, Hiller the Judge is almost Hillery, they only difference is Y.

The Y upside down is the Greek letter for L or Lambda...

Hillery almost died in a plane tradgey yesterday. Her plane, old Air Force One had to dump it's load of fuel and return back to Andrews Air Force base...

Another connection to this bizarre religiously connected sacrifice!

Seems the GODS are having fun with MORTALS...

Remember, Sollog, or my Boss, sued the US government in Februray of 1996 to stop NUKES! He put exact details of FUTURE EVENTS into his case, (which you can access on line by the US government system called PACER) events such as TWA 800 and even Diana's death were all described in detail by Sollog, BEFORE THEY HAPPENED!

We have a $100,000 GUARANTEE the case and records we used on this site about Sollog are authentic! Check out PACER and see it's REAL!

So, Sollog says Louise is GUILTY and the US Justice system is broken!

But, then again, if Mrs. Eappen the mother of Matthew was doing her job, none of this would have happened anyway.

I guess you could say SHIT HAPPENS!

The E is an H in Greek, so Eappens is Happens....

Interesting STORY...

J. P. Essene


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