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Radio host Jeff Rense CAUGHT ALTERING predictions for Guest!

UFO Conspiracy reporter CAUGHT ALTERING predictions for Guest!

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Jeff Rense CAUGHT ALTERING Berklands Quake Predictions!

UFO reporter CAUGHT ALTERING predictions for Guest!

By JP Essene

Editor of

Thee Under Ground



Many of you have heard of Art Bell.

You know, that funny looking ugly dude in Nevada that lives in a trailer and talks about UFO's early in the morning.

Well Jeff Rense is of that ilk. He has a radio show that is broadcast on the internet.

UFO's and bogus predictors are his specialties.

He parades on his show people like Dr. Turi, who is so well known for his bad predictions, that it's hilarious that Jeff Rense has the balls to put forth Turi as anything but a person who can't predict anything.

Likewise, Jeff Rense parades on his show and website a so called geologist named James Berkland.

Jeff Rense thinks Berkland can predict quakes. Or at least he DISINFORMS his listeners to that bogus premise!

So desperate to have his listeners believe in Berkland's quake prediction skills, Jeff Rense is now ALTERING predictions of Berkland for his gullible fans.

Case in point.

Berkland has publicly predicted 4 very probable seismic events on his website.

One of the non predictions (an event put out as a prediction, that is statistically probable) made by Berkland is

A 3.5-6.0M quake within 140 miles of Los Angeles will occur between February 6th to 13th

Now statistically such a prediction is a non prediction, since it is probable that more than 1 such quake will occur in any random 8 day window within 140 miles of LA.

On the 10th, a minor quake hit near BIG BEAR in Southern CA

So now you see Jeff Rense publicly praising his favorite quake predictor on his show and on his website.


Jeff Rense added the words BIG BEAR to the prediction

So when someone reads the prediction on Jeff Renses' site, they see this prediction

3.5 - 6.0M quake within 140 miles of Los Angeles (Big Bear)

(Rense article is at

So Jeff Rense posts the whole prediction and ADDS (BIG BEAR) to it, so his fans now see the prediction and think Berkland stated BIG BEAR was the target.

That's a typical trick of a person that wishes to put out misleading information or DISINFORMATION

It is rumored all over the internet that Jeff Rense is a Disinformation Agent

It is rumored all over the internet that Jeff Rense works for either the US government or the New World Order

Recently Jeff Rense has also posted a news article about how Russian scientists are monitoring discharges on the earth connected to lunar cycles and quakes.

Disinfo from Jeff Rense about Berklands theories

In the disinformation agenda of Jeff Rense, he openly stated that this was based upon the work of James Berkland.


Berkland says major quakes occur connected to the Full Moon.

In almost 30 years of data, NOT ONE 8.0+ QUAKE HAS OCCURRED ON A FULL MOON as the Berkland theory would suggest.

Berkland's theory is WRONG, there was not one quake even 7.0+ last year on a FULL MOON.

Yet Berkland's theory is the FULL MOON causes major quakes.

Now the Washington Post quoted a USGS seismologist as to James Berkland being nothing but a CLOWN.

So why does disinformation specialist Jeff Rense want his audience to think Berkland is really predicting accurately quakes WHEN HE IS NOT!

The record of Berkland for his hilarious quake windows based upon full moon and new moons was tracked last year by us.

Berkland gave 13 so called windows for major quakes (7.0+)

Chance says 4 to 5 of any random 13 windows all containing 8 days would have at least 1 7.0+ quake in them!

Berkland hit the anticipated 4 to 5 windows of 13, EXACTLY what chance probability dictates.

Now, does Rense discuss all the misses of Berkland and his lousy track record that is just equal to chance successes?

No, Rense puts out on his show and website DISINFORMATION and ALTERED PREDICTIONS to make Berkland look like a genius, while he is nothing but a clown in the eyes of real seismologist as quoted in the Washington Post.

Rense right now is sitting on REAL INFORMATION about REAL QUAKE PREDICTIONS that have hit, and are being discussed in 1000's of posts all over the internet.

However, Rense doesn't like the religious beliefs of the REAL QUAKE PREDICTOR that he is keeping information about from his fans.

In fact, the 7.0+ quake predicted for the recent window of Berkland was said to be absolutely WRONG by the quake predictor Jeff Rense hates.

At least that is what some how told me.

They have frequent email correspondence with Jeff Rense and it is understood in the emails that Rense doesn't like the real quake predictor who has hit quakes with odds in the 1 Million to 1 probability range!

Now, you would think Jeff Rense and Art Bell would be all over the story that we have been reporting on for years on this site.

Any of my readers KNOW we put out predictions by Sollog, the person that Jeff Rense has agreed in emails that HE HATES.

We don't alter the predictions like Rense to make Sollog look better, since his predictions stand on their own merits.

There are time stamped pages on sites like showing the Sollog predictions have all been posted in advance of events to usenet.

1000's of our viewers get emails every time Sollog makes a new prediction.

Sollog hits real quake predictions. He says where and when major quakes will occur.

He gives usually small 24 hour windows.

The windows always have the magnitude quake he predicts

He usually gets the line of latitude and event he continent correct.

These predictions aren't BS like Rense calls a hit. They are about events that are known to be RARE, events in the 7.0+ range!

Just for anyone to get a 24 hour window for such a quake is only 25 to 1 probable, let alone the exact hour, continent and lines of latitude.

Yet Rense keeps putting out clowns like Berkland who say a 3.5+ event (you can't even feel such a small quake) will hit within 8 days in southern CA!

So, it seems all those ugly rumors about Jeff Rense are based upon fact.

He is misleading his viewers into think Berkland has an accurate track record for major quakes. WHICH IS FALSE

He alters the actual predictions and posts them on his site to make his fans think Berkland predicted an exact location like BIG BEAR, when in fact he predicted over half the state of CA for a minor quake!

Oh, another person that is a Rense regular is Dr. Turi. Another person that constantly puts out large date windows form minor quakes and again hits what random chance says he should.

The only person defying the odds in quake prediction is Sollog

But that is a FACT and something the likes of Jeff Rense or Art Bell can't discuss.

They don't want their fans to know the TRUTH!

That's why they are called DISINFORMATION AGENTS!

If you want to email Disinformation Agent Jeff Rense and tell him DISCUSS SOLLOG'S QUAKES, his email address is below!

Check out the Sollog quake article links below

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Recently I did an Interview with Sollog

No wonder the FANS of SOLLOG say


For a very limited time Sollog is doing PERSONAL READINGS, if you are into that sort of thing, you better hurry since there are only a limited amount of spots open!


JP Essene

Editor of Thee Under Ground

E Mail J.P. Essene


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