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Was Tiger Woods mother a prostitute?

Vietnam Vet claims mother of Tiger Woods was a prostitute!

By JP Essene

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You hear a lot of things on golf courses and in 19th Holes (the bars located on Golf Courses).

Over the years, I’ve heard quite a few things about various pro Golfers, and most recently many things about Tiger Woods.

When you hear the same story more than once, you start to think, hey is this based on rumor or fact.

A short time ago, I heard the following story on a Golf course, and have tried to verify if it is accurate. It has become my opinion that it is based upon fact, so I am stating what I have heard here. And those that read the story can make up their minds if it is true.

A few weeks ago, I was playing a round of Golf with a friend of mine, who is an older pro. He served in the early 60’s in the Marine Core. He still hits the ball pretty good for a guy 62.

I was having a good round that day, since I rolled in 6 birdies in the round and easily beat the old pro again. We originally teed off as a twosome, but on the 6th tee we ran into another twosome, so we joined up to play together as people are suppose to do when playing Golf.

The old pro I was playing with is known as Johnnie C. On the 6th tee which is a 350 yard par 4. We both hit 300 yard plus drives downwind, and as is usual when we play with hackers, the people we started playing with were amazed by our tee shots, which weren’t really that long for either of us. Since we have both driven that hole when the Florida winds were stronger, than they were that day.

In the course of the next few holes, my buddy Johnnie C starts to shoot the proverbial breeze with one of the other two players. They had hit it off, since they were both ex-military.

Johnnie C as I mentioned, is an ex-Marine and the fellow he was yapping with was a former Green Beret who served in Vietnam. During the next few holes they told some old service stories, mostly about where they served and what they did. The usual stuff Vets seem to always talk about with other Vets when they first meet.

Then out of the blue, Tiger Woods came up as a subject. It used to be when you hit a good shot hackers would say, you hit that like Jack. Now it’s you hit that like Tiger.

So, the conversation switched to Tiger, and the former Green Beret stated he had served with Earl Woods, the father of Tiger Woods in Nam. Johnnie C was impressed. I thought at first, there must be a million people making that claim now on golf courses, since it has been pretty well reported that Earl Woods did two tours of Nam as a Green Beret.

Soon the Green Beret really got my attention though, when he stated “The woman Earl Woods bought home from his tours in Nam, was actually one of the high class prostitutes bought in to service officers.” That would be Kultida Woods, the wife of Earl Woods that he met in the service, who was from Thailand. Kultida is the mother of Tiger Woods, the most famous athlete living today!

To my utter amazement, Johnnie C then stated, “You know I heard that before about Tiger’s mother, from another guy that said he served with Earl Woods in Nam!”

Over the years I’ve heard quite a few things about Tiger Woods, and most were from people who most likely never played with him nor met him. I’ve also heard some things from people that I know did meet him and play with him.

In the 70’s, one of the people I first started golfing with was Mike M, who caddied many years for Fuzzy. He even did commercials with Fuzzy for Kmart! Now Mike never hit a driver, since he was about six foot four and he could hit his three wood 280 yards. He never even teed it up. He hits it right off the turf.

Mike M was sure a gambler, and to play with Mike M and a few of the other top golfers in the area I first learned to play in, you had to

1. Gamble,

2. Play decent (break 90)

I had to hit balls at a range for a few months, before Mike M and his crew said I was even good enough to play with them. I actually birdied the third hole I ever played in my life, which I did while I was playing with Mike M and his crew. For that amazing feat, Mike M and his pals took back all the shots I was suppose to get that day in their skins game.

Anyway, I usually play now with very good golfers and many are or were pros. Some played the big tour and now hang around clubs where they can get some action. When Tiger won the US Open last year, an ex-PGA pro Tommy D, swore to me that a friend of his that worked with Nike, told him Tigers new Nike balls were Titleist balls stamped Nike.

Now, Tommy D is probably one of the best players there is over 40 in South Florida who isn’t on the big tour. He still hits his driver 320 off the deck without any help from the wind. He’s another long knocker like Mike M who never ever uses a tee.

Tommy D may on occasion bang his driver on the ground to make a small impression before he hits a drive, but I’ve never ever seen him hit off a tee.

When Tommy D told me the Nike ball Tiger used to win the 2000 US Open was a Titleist, I didn’t believe it. I tried to follow up on his claims, but when I saw a whole web site that Nike had on line about the new Tiger ball, I decided to not follow up on the story.

Many months later, I had to tell Tommy D he was 100% correct about the Nike ball Tiger used at the US Open, since I had heard on a news channel like Fox or CNN, that Nike had settled a recent case with Acushnet over the Tiger ball flap. The very same story I could of broke that Tommy D told me about during the US Open, that I didn’t want to believe.

Is the ball Tiger using now, a real Nike?

I hear it is, but that is not what he won the 2000 US Open with, according to what Tommy D had said the week of the 2000 US Open, and from what I could gather from the Acushnet versus Nike suit that was settled later on, as mentioned on a news station.

This is another interesting Tiger tidbit. In one of the clubs I play at, there is a wall with newspaper clippings on it. The clippings are newspaper articles about players from the area, who have or do play that course.

One player has quite a few articles on THE WALL of FAME!

I’ve played on several occasions with that player’s Dad. That young player actually played on the PGA tour a few years ago. In fact, he either led the PGA in driving distance, or was second in driving distance to John Daly, the one year he played on the PGA tour.

That long knocker lost his card from the PGA Tour after one year, just like Tommy D did years ago. And then he even lost his Buy.com card. However, he did win on a sponsors exemption this year on the Buy.com tour. So for the next two years he can play on the Buy.com tour exempt.

That pro is featured all over the WALL OF FAME, in the clubhouse that I mentioned above, for this amazing feat. In the early 90’s the long hitting pro, who was then only a young teen, happened to beat the legendary Tiger Woods, in a big Florida Juniors Championship.

One night in the bar of that clubhouse, the dad of that pro stated he felt bad for refusing a deal years ago that he now believes he should have taken to help his son become a major pro.

What was the deal?

He stated after his son beat Tiger Woods, he was offered what he then thought was an illegal deal. It was presented to him as a deal, where he would receive a lot of money for basically doing nothing, if he agreed to put most of the money he received into certain teachers connected to a major Agency that represents most of today’s star athletes. Also, the son would have to sign with the agency when he turned pro in the future.

He explained, that since his son beat the unbeatable Tiger Woods, some very important players in the sports world, wanted to “Finance” the training and “Amateur” career of his son.

The way the deal works, the connected businessmen that control most of today’s stars, “hire” the fathers of young stars like Tiger Woods, or in his case him, since his young son had beaten Tiger in the early 90’s, he was offered the deal.

By hiring the Dads as so called “Talent Scouts” or whatever title they use, the young stars of tomorrow can then have the money that is needed to play all over the US as amateurs, in the top amateur tournaments, to get experience playing the best in their age range.

Plus, the young stars can also afford to hire the best teachers in Golf, that all happen to work for the “Businessmen”.

Anyway, that Dad who refused “THE DEAL” was basically saying to me that night, that he felt he had failed his son by doing “THE RIGHT THING” and telling the businessmen, that he didn’t need their money, and his son would get a scholarship and do fine in life without them.

The son did get a scholarship, and he even got a PGA Tour card. And he was either first or second in driving distance the one year he played on the PGA Tour.

But since he didn’t have the ability to hire the “PAID FOR IN ADVANCE” coaches that others had, nor the ability to travel all over the US playing in all the top amateur tournaments, his long hitting son didn’t develop as fast as others did.

Many pros on the PGA tour come from wealthy families. Families that have the money to hire the best teachers, and to have their sons travel all over the US to play in high level competition on a regular basis.

Others have fathers that “TAKE THE MONEY” of the so called businessmen, since they are willing to pose as “Talent Scouts” and collect a big check, which allows their sons to have “The Best” before it is their time.

Is hiring the fathers of young future stars “Illegal”?

When Tiger Woods went to college at Stanford, his father Earl Woods had to “Retire” once again. You see Earl Woods “Retired” from the Military after 20 years of service in 1974.

Earl Woods also “RETIRED” from the payrolls of IMG (International Management Group) right before Tiger went on to dominate the NCAA.

Seems the NCAA doesn’t like having player’s Dads on the payroll of Sports Agents.

Yes, when Tiger was a young teen “Amateur”, his father was on the payroll of IMG!

The same type of deal the middle class house painter, with the son who hits it mile, refused to take when his son beat Tiger Woods.

What do most people say about Tiger in the clubhouses I play at around the US?

The novice players usually gush, “Oh I just love Tiger”.

They seem to have bought the hype the media sells and they ignore the four letter words that Tiger hurls around on T.V. when he misses a shot. Words so foul I can’t let my little kids even watch a live PGA event when Tiger is in it!

Those that have seen him or met him at tour events usually say, “He’s got a bad attitude, he’s foul mouthed and uppity.”

Some who played with Tiger over the years have told me that Tiger likes to tell racist jokes.

Like, “What do you call 150 white guys chasing a black guy?”

“The PGA Tour”, Tiger is said to have joked to a very good young player that says he played with Tiger.

Another young hot shot that says he played with Tiger and Mark up North ( in Orlando) said he was told by Tiger this jewel.

“How does a black man take off his condom”, Tiger is said to have quipped to that fellow.

Tiger says nothing, but rocks the insides of his feet left then right then left then right.

He does it in a motion as if a Black Man can take off his condom by pulling it off with his feet while on the ground, giving the impression all black man hang to the floor with their you know what!

I thought both jokes, which are said to have come from Tiger, were humorous so I’ve included them here.

Over the years, I’ve also heard Tiger is prejudiced, since he will only date white women.

That seems to be something others are saying all over Usenet.

Still others say he’s a cheap bastard. Guess Tiger didn’t tip them, or gave them way less than what others of his stature are supposed to give to bartenders and waiters.

Since nine members of a royal family in Nepal were recently slaughtered, I thought I would do this article to point out how different the culture of the United States is from that of Nepal and Thailand.

The son of the former King of Nepal wiped out his family, since his mother told him that if he married his true love, he would be denied the throne. Why did the mother of the future King of Nepal not want her son to marry his true love?

Well in Nepal, you cannot be considered a Royal blood, if your lineage is not at least 7 generations pure.

The great-great Grandmother of the true love of the prince that slaughtered his royal family over his true love, was a court courtesan or Royal prostitute!

I guess if what Vets that served with Earl Woods are saying is true, Tiger Woods can’t become the King of Nepal. But he sure has become the King of World Sports Idols.

Recently an article about Tiger appeared in of all places The Christian Science Monitor.

They noted how in Thailand, people with a bloodline like Tigers, that is mixed with an American Serviceman, are considered second class citizens.

Now since Tiger is so popular today, the government of Thailand recently gave Tiger honorary citizenship to Thailand. The first time they are said to have ever bestowed that gift upon anyone.

The article also noted that in Thailand, any Thai woman seen in the company of foreign military men are in fact considered to be prostitutes!

Maybe the Christian Science Monitor heard the same story I heard.

Maybe that was how they chose to report the story.

Yes, the Christian Science Monitor stated, that during the Vietnam war, any Thai woman even seen with a US serviceman, would have been considered a prostitute!

Now, the father of Tiger Woods, Earl Woods, did become a Lieutenant Colonel in the US military. He did two tours of Vietnam as a Green Beret. Earl did bring home Kultida from his Vietnam tours. And Kultida, a woman barely mentioned in two books written by Earl Woods, is the mother of the worlds most famous athlete, so many are interested in learning about who is the mother of Tiger.

Why is there almost nothing written about Kuldita, except Earl Woods met her while on one of his two tours in Vietnam. Search any search engine now and see how little information there is on Kuldita Woods.

Some questions I would like to ask Earl as a reporter are:

In what country did Earl Woods first meet Kultida the mother of Tiger Woods?

Was Earl Woods still married at the time to the mother of his first three children?

What was the setting or place where you first met Kultida?

Is it true Kultida was a prostitute before you married her?

Now if Earl did meet Kultida in Vietnam, one needs to ask, why was a young Thai woman in Vietnam?

If Earl met Kultida in Thailand, one needs to ask why was a Green Beret on a tour of Vietnam in Thailand?

The bio of Tiger Woods states, Earl Woods is the reason Tiger became fascinated with Golf.

Earl was just starting to take up Golf in 1974, when he retired from the military. His Thai wife Kultida gave birth to Tiger the next year in 1975.

Earl stated in his book “Training a Tiger”, that “God had prepared him to TEACH TIGER Golf”.

Earl also stated, “God had a plan for Tiger to unite the world.”

Hey Earl, did you ever hear of SOLLOG?

Sollog walks the earth right now like your son.

Sollog has guaranteed many ACTS OF GOD, over and over, and he keeps hitting exact dates and locations for future ACTS OF GOD. Something much harder than hitting a stationary round white ball off a wooden tee as your son does..

The earth has actually shook where and when he said on many occasions.

Several years ago, Sollog also revealed two symbols hidden in the creation myths of 7 religions that are the two symbols used to create the perfect circumference of the earth mathematically, and many believe this is THE PROOF that all religions are from ONE GOD.

Sollog stated in case 96CV 1499, that Diana would die in France on 831. Almost two years later Diana died in France on 8/31.

Who can say when the ground will shake and it does?

Who can say where and when the most worshipped woman in the world will die, and be correct?

Oh, Sollog has publicly stated, that the future for Tiger Woods could be very dark.

Sollog has warned racists may attempt to murder Tiger Woods during a tournament.

So beware Tiger, the world’s most gifted seer Sollog says that an attempt might be made on your life by racists during a Golf tournament.

But Sollog also says, that if Earl Woods is right, and Tiger does WHAT GOD really has planned for him on earth, then he may not be assassinated from a racist as Sollog has warned.

Tiger does has a worldwide platform, as Earl Woods has stated.

And Tiger, there is PROOF, that THE ONE that speaks for THE ONE is here.

Sollog speaks and the ground shakes.

Sollog is known to be able to say when famous people like Diana and JFK Jr would die, and they did as his warnings stated.


And yet, the major media hides THE TRUTH about Sollog!

And Tiger Woods gets all the press for hitting a little old golf ball.

Well Tiger, Vietnam Vets have stated some things about your mother.

Whatever is the truth about your mother will come to be known.

And whatever that is, she will always be your mother, exactly as GOD PLANNED IT.

Many will likely learn of Sollog and his WARNINGS about NUKES from this article.

Maybe Tiger Woods will also. If you do Tiger, realize you have control of the media to expose THE WARNINGS OF SOLLOG, and save many from NUKE TERRORISM.


The truth is that someone walks the earth WHO SPEAKS FOR GOD by warning where ACTS OF GOD then occur!

And Tiger, Sollog is even one heck of a golfer.

The founder of a famous company told me years ago, that when he played a round of Golf with Sollog, out of the blue Sollog told him to watch the hole on a long par 3. It was about 230 yards. Sollog said he was putting the ball in the hole.

The person swore to me, that Sollog then hit a 5 wood that one hopped into the hole for a Hole in one.

Then on the next Par 5, that was about 500 yards up hill, Sollog hit a 6 iron second shot into the cup for a natural Double Eagle, in the same round where he called a hole in one.

After all, if you were God Tiger, wouldn’t you play that way…

Best of luck Tiger.

Look for the TRUTH!

Did someone GUARANTEE QUAKES that then struck where and when he said?


Did someone say in a US Federal court record that Diana would die in France on 831 and then she did?


Now use your platform to warn NUKE TERRORISM IS NEAR and the WARNINGS OF SOLLOG are the proof!


When I called IMG to reach a spokesperson for either Earl or Tiger, I was told none were available.

I’ll be happy to post any comments IMG, Earl or Tiger wish to make about this article.


JP Essene



It's now NINE YEARS since we broke this story.
Everyone is so wrapped up now with WHY DID TIGER FUCK AROUND ON HIS WIFE
Now you know why his mind works the way it does, he probably heard his father call his mother a whore everytime they fought. I found you in a whore house you piece of shit...
So of course he's gonna chase every whore there is.

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