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Columbine Shooting Video and Death Photos!

National Enquirer Release of Death Photos Sparks New Interest in Columbine Shootings!

Written by J. P. Essene
Editor 1 Under Ground

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The National Enquirer today released the Death Photos of Klebold and Harris the two infamous shooters of the Columbine Massacre!

They've been all over the net before.

We even have the VIDEO inside the school shot during the shooting below!

Now the National Enquirer says it did it to reveal one of the killers shot the other!


They did it for MONEY!

If the sus scrofa at the National Enquirer wanted you reveal something about Columbine they would tell you what they KNOW!

We gave that scumbag outfit THE TRUTH years ago.

They refuse to tell YOU about how the locations of rash of US multiple death school shootings were placed into case 96CV 1499 in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Federal Court system located in Philadelphia!

The case was filed in early 1996 before the first shootings struck!

The shootings were called THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT in that case.

The case explained HEADLINE MURDERS would occur in exact locations mentioned by the person that filed the case!

He is a world famous mystic named SOLLOG. Now in 1996 SOLLOG explained these BIZARRE SHOOTINGS would occur across the USA on set lines!

He put lines on US maps into the court record! Sure enough almost every US School Shooting occurred on THE LINES OF SOLLOG!

Now the US Secret Service is in charge of US School Shootings! Why? They got sued in 1996 by SOLLOG as did several other branches of the US Government!

Now SOLLOG said in his suit, he was putting exact information about FUTURE EVENTS into his case to PROVE WHAT HE SAYS ABOUT NUKES is real!


That was in early 1996. Six years later we have most of the leaders in the US admitting recently TERRORISTS WILL NUKE THE USA SOON!

Oh, SOLLOG gave 10 EXACT DATE AND LOCATION WARNINGS for Major 7.0+ range quakes from 2000 to 2002!

The first 5 had an exact date when a major 7.0+ range quake hit!

The last 5 had an exact location where a major 7.0+ range quake struck within 31 days!

SOLLOG now says dual quakes level both NYC and LA!

SOLLOG is the author of over 30 books you can get them at SOLLOG BOOKS

Recently what SOLLOG wrote about Chandra Levy came to pass as to his DEATH READING about her.

SOLLOG stated she died of head trauma and when her body would be found her head would be separated from her body!

The headlines the other day, SKULL OF CHANDRA LEVY FOUND! Exactly as SOLLOG wrote last June 22!

Yesterday the coroner stated the skull had a crack in it!

Her head was found on the date of the Sollog reading 11 months to the exact date!

The reading was done the 22nd of June 2001!

Oh, we also have the DANIEL PEARL EXECUTION VIDEO in our members section!

The FBI has been harassing some ISP's to remove it!

Our ISP is a FREEDOM OF SPEECH specialty server. So if the FBI harasses him that the video is OBSCENE as they have been to other ISP's, he will most likely laugh and say get a court order!

Oh, the FBI was in our offices after 911 BECAUSE WE HAD THE 911 WARNING ON OUR SITE BEFORE 911!

The real 911 WARNING stated New York City would have major terrorism in September in the trade center!

It was on our site WAY BEFORE 911 occurred!

The same warning stated the NYC media would be struck in early October! They were by Anthrax!

Just like the sus scrofa at the National Enquirer were!

Now the Nat Enquirer KNOWS the FBI were in our offices after 911 and we had the 911 WARNING on our site BEFORE 911!

Yet they HIDE THE TRUTH from you!

The 911 Warning was issued by guess who? SOLLOG

Here is the Columbine Shooting Video of Klebold and Harris in action!

Death Photo of Klebold and Harris Image 1

Death Photo of Klebold and Harris Image 2

The photo below is one of the shooters kneeling as he shoots his rifle!


JP Essene

Editor of Thee Under Ground


That NINE US SCHOOL SHOOTINGS have now occurred and they all fall on two straight lines on a map of the US! Waco and the Oklahoma City Bombing also fall on these two lines of tragedy!

The locations of the US School Shootings were given in a US court case by the Nets top Mystic!

The details of the TWA 800 Disaster were put into a US court case 1 year before it occurred! View the court document here! $100,000.00 Reward if you can prove it isn't authentic!

Diana's Death in France on 8/31/97 was predicted in a US court record in 1996! View the court document here! $100,000.00 Reward if you can prove it isn't authentic!

The Nets top Mystic wrote that JFK Jr would die in a Plane Crash over 1 year before he did! The warning was posted all over usenet before it happened! See the warning here!

Over 100 people in the US media were faxed details of the Oklahoma City bombing the day before it occurred! See the warning fax here!

Rabin's Assassination date was given to a US judge in open court one month before it occurred! View the court transcript here!

Mike Kennedy's death on New Years Eve was given in a usenet prophecy by the Nets top psychic which was distributed all over usenet before it happened! See the prophecy here!

Both the date and flight number of SwissAir 111 were given in a famous warning distributed all over the Net one year before it occurred! See the warning here!

The US Embassy Bombings occurred on dates given in a warning on the Net posted all over usenet well in advance! See the warning here!

Most of these bizarre stories involve SOLLOG, a person who is considered by many to be the greatest mystic to ever live! He is indeed one of the most written about people on the Net! There are over 100,000 references to Sollog in the archives of www.Dejanews.com. Many in the media call him the New Nostradamus!

Sollog's Official Site

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